Detailed missions

List of Destinations:

  • Chicago (USA)
  • Las Vegas (USA)
  • Santa Catalina Island (USA)
  • Mont Matterhorn (Alpes suisses)
  • Bella Coola (Canada)
  • Stewart (Canada)
  • San Francisco (USA)

Flyable helicopters:

  • Bell 407
  • Bell 412

List of suggested missions

  • VIP Charter
  • Air Taxi
  • Narcotrafic Surveillance
  • Aerial Highway Patrol
  • Aerial Work (Powerlines Surveillance / Infrastructures)
  • Offshore Operations
  • Naval Operations

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  • Solo
  • Duo
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30 min


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50 min

Reward your customers and employees with an extraordinary experience.

Give your team an unforgettable experience where competition and teamwork are emphasized. Efficiency and teamwork are vital concepts in the world of aviation, where error is not an option.

Such professionalism with great responsibility and constant pressure is an example to follow for any successful business.

Helisim develops tailor-made activities in collaboration with you, according to your objectives. Whether to strengthen the bonds of your team, motivate your troops or simply to promote the well-being within your company, on board a multi-thousand-dollar machine capable of hovering and saving lives.

Our Virtual Reality Helicopter Simulator becomes a dedicated space for your company. It allows your team members to showcase their qualities, reveal their personal abilities and demonstrate their ability to communicate. Your business has ever greater challenges in a competitive world.

Let us help your team develop a sense of belonging, the fighting spirit, the cohesion to make it want to meet challenges through innovative solutions.

Reward your leaders, leaders, and associates or employees with a breathtaking experience.

  • A catering service can be set up to combine pleasure and work.
  • A briefing room is at your disposal.
  • Professional pilot instructors
  • A team dedicated to the analysis of your results are here to answer all of your questions.

Your corporate event can be paired with the AeroSim Experience Boeing 737 simulator, as well as CF Flyfighters CF-18 fighter aircraft simulators, to provide an even more rewarding experience.

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